For Dec. 1: Urban and “Other” Spaces

November 25, 2009

Michel de Certeau, “Walking in the City”: WALKING IN THE CITY SS 330 : Discussion will be led by Sam Sutcliffe
Michel Foucault, “Of Other Spaces” (Heterotopias): foucault_ ofotherspaces. Discussion will be lead by Hannah Peyser
Mary McLeod, “Everyday and ‘Other’ Spaces”: EVERYDAY AND OTHER SPACES SS 330: Discussion will be led by Alyshia Taboas
Andrea Zittel, “A-Z Drive Through Conversation”: A-Z DRIVE-THRU CONVERSATION SS 330-1
Andrea Zittel, “These Things I Know For Sure”: THESE THINGS I KNOW FOR SURE SS 330
Andrea Zittel, images and Info: A-Z; Andrea Zittel on Art:21; andrea zittel at the new museum ; Andrea Zittel images; Andrea Zittel at Rosen Gallery ; smockshop; Andrea Zittel at MOMA

Michel de Certeau, “Spatial Stories”: SPATIAL STORIES SS 330
bell hooks, “Choosing the Margin as a Space of Radical Openness”:CHOOSING THE MARGIN AS A SPACE OF RADICAL OPENNESS SS 330
On Andrea Zittel: EMANCIPATED USAGE SS 330
Cornelia Butler on Andrea Zittel, LIVE WORK SPACE SS 330
Jean Baudrillard, “Structure of Interior Design”: STRUCTURES OF INTERIOR DESIGN SS 330
de Certeau’s General introduction to “The Practice of Everyday Life,” available at UBUWEB (a fantastic site); defines his project and introduces vocabulary of “strategies” and “tactics.”


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